Window Tinting

Window tinting is the professional application of protective film to the windows on your car, truck, or SUV. LinkNow Media professionals strip off any old film and apply window tinting to any area of our client’s vehicle, including sunroofs and the top of your windshield.

Window tinting benefits include:

  • Solar heat reduction
  • Protection from harmful UV rays
  • Reduced glare for safer driving
  • Increased privacy and security
  • Interior upholstery protection
  • Enhanced vehicle appearance

Choosing the Right Tint for Your Vehicle

In addition to its many advantages, windows treated by our advanced process will also add a sophisticated look to your vehicle. LinkNow Media specialists are available to help you choose the right color tint for your car that complies with local legislation. Customize your windows according to style and personal requirements by consulting with our experienced staff and learn more about the many options available for your car, truck, or service vehicle.

Scratch and Fade Resistant

LinkNow Media window tinting applications are recognized for their quality and durability. Resistant to scratches, chipping and fading, our tinting blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays and offers an improved overall driving experience that never interferes with any part of your driving experience.

Dangers of the Sun

The American Academy of Dermatology confirms that a direct link exists between higher incidences of melanoma and motorists who remain unprotected from prolonged sun exposure while driving. Professional window tinting blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays to protect both you and your upholstery.

Installed by Auto Body Professionals

Don’t risk poor performance with an inexperienced tinting application. Trained and knowledgeable LinkNow Media technicians offer prompt and reliable service according to the highest industry standards.

Facts about Window Tinting

Automotive window tinting film is made up of extruded polyester that is formulated to produce a range of colors and varying densities specifically for cars and trucks. The film incorporates a scratch resistant coating and is installed using a pressure sensitive adhesive application system that is adapted to almost any required width.

Window tinting reduces a vehicle’s temperature by absorbing heat at the surface of the glass and drawing it across the windows when a vehicle is in motion. Ultraviolet filters are added during the manufacturing of window tinting film that can block up to 98% of harmful UV rays. The exceptional durability of the polyester film combined with the high quality bonding adhesive used in the application, provides enough strength to hold broken pieces of automotive glass together to increases safety.

LinkNow Media offers window tinting using the highest quality products available in the industry today and includes a lifetime warranty for as long as you own your car or truck. Our standard installations always include applying the window tinting film to within 1/8th of an inch from the top of the glass for a seamless appearance and exceptional performance. Our auto body specialists inspect each vehicle following a window tinting application to ensure quality control and customer satisfaction.

We invite motorists to call us or visit our location for a free estimate and more information.

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